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  • Property Type: House
  • Location: ABBEVILLE, AL
  • Bedrooms: 1 bedroom
  • Bathrooms: 1 1/2 bathrooms


Largest Railway aluminum castings




Description: Cast aluminum has incomparable advantage over other castings, such as light quality, corrosion resistance,etc.It reduces material consumption, energy consumption, power consumption, and improve the casting’s internal and external quality for high efficiency to the market. Cast aluminum parts can be processed with a variety of different hardness, strength, toughness with the comprehensive performance, but also can have one or more special properties, such as high temperature and low temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.Casting weight and size range are very large. Aluminum castings are currently available for a wide range of industrial applications.With modern foundry facilities, pattern shops and machining shops as well as heat treatment and ultrasonic testing to improve the casting’s quality and provide maximum satisfaction for our valued customers Advantage: 1. High process flexibility, wide adaptability, the size of liquid molding parts is almost unlimited, the weight can be from a few grams to hundred tons. 2. It can produce the casting with complexed cavity and shape. Such as boxes, machine bed, cylinder block, cylinder head,etc. 3. Aluminum has strong stability and oxidation resistance.No casting defection, such as bubbles,etc.Largest Railway aluminum castings website:



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