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  • Property Type: House
  • Location: 1KOTSMOVI, AZ
  • Bedrooms: 1 bedroom
  • Bathrooms: 1 1/2 bathrooms


Which company is the professional heat sink manufa

30 Weijian Road, Zone E, Weijian Industrial Park,




RenXin-Seiko Industry Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise specialized in the research and development (R&D), production and marketing of heatsinks with wide range of applications, such as full-spectrum LED grow light heatsinks, communication equipment PCT heater, ultra-thin graphene heatsink, solar photovoltaic inverter, motor car CRT, IGBT integrated heatsink, UPS household appliances etc. We have aluminum extrusion production lines, Anodize lines, CNC workshops, etc. Being committed to provide the one-stop thermal solution from design to final products, our company obtain many utility patent and invention patent. Main application fields of the products include heat dissipation for the charging of new energy electric vehicles, high-power LED lights, solar LED lights, special power supply of 4G communications, Heatsink for UAV etc. A full range of heatsink products have been developed for customers. cold forging pin fin heatsinks, extruded aluminum heatsinks, extruded aluminum cases, heatsinks for BGA/PGA, cooling aggregates, Extrusion profile LED’s, fluid coolers, extruded heatsinks for PCB mounting, and skived Fin heatsink.



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